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(a) Composers must have been born in the UK, or have been ordinarily resident in the UK from 1 April 2013 until 31 March 2018.
(b) Composers may be any age.
(c) To qualify, works must have received their UK première in a public performance, either live or broadcast, between 1 April 2017 and 31 March 2018.

For the avoidance of doubt streaming via a digital platform does not constitute a public performance; except in the case of Sonic Art if the work has been specifically created to be accessed via a digital platform.
For the avoidance of doubt if the public performance is a broadcast, the work must have been broadcast on a UK based radio station in its entirety to qualify.
(d) Works must have been completed after 1 April 2007.

PLEASE NOTE additional category eligibility criteria are outlined on the individual category pages.

1. Amateur or Young Performers
2. Chamber Ensemble
3. Choral
4. Community or Educational Project
5. Jazz Composition for Small Ensemble
6. Jazz Composition for Large Ensemble
7. Orchestral
8. Small Chamber
9. Solo or Duo
10. Sonic Art
11. Stage Works
12. Wind Band or Brass Band

(a) Anyone may enter a work, including the composer or any other interested individual or organisation.

(b) There is no limit to the number of works which may be submitted. However, individual works should only be submitted once, into one category.
(c) The entrant should choose the category which most closely fits the work. BASCA reserves the right to move a work into a different category if it believes a categorisation error has occurred.
(d) All entries are to be submitted online via the BASCA Awards Entry Site: https://basca.secure-platform.com/a
(e) The closing date for entries is Monday 9 July 2018

The final judgement in the categories detailed in section E will be made by specially appointed juries, the members of which shall be chosen by BASCA:
(a) BASCA aims to have five judges on each panel.
(b) Any juror with a conflict of interest or perceived conflict of interest will not be allowed to serve on a jury.
(c) An Independent Adjudicator will be present at each jury session, in a non-voting capacity.
(d) All judges will be required to sign a confidentiality agreement.
(e) In all cases, the final decision rests with BASCA and correspondence will not be entered into with respect to such decisions.
(f) Each work will be judged in one category only.

This section focuses on specific eligibility criteria for each award to which BASCA does not accept entries.
The identity of the recipients in categories 13 and 14 are not publicly announced before the ceremony. The appearance of these award titles does not guarantee their presentation in any particular year.

British Composer Award for Innovation
This award is in the gift of BASCA’s British Composer Awards Committee. It is presented to a British composer and represents peer recognition for achievement, and an innovative approach to composition.

British Composer Awards for Inspiration presented in association with the Music Publishers Association
This award is in the gift of BASCA’s British Composer Awards Committee. It is presented to a British composer and represents peer recognition for a major influence on other composers.

(a) BASCA may add, remove or redefine categories after all of the entries have been received.
(b) Any works where there is or appears to be a genuine ownership, authorship or author-share dispute may, at the discretion of the Board of BASCA, be disqualified.
(c) There will be no more than three nominated works in a category that accepts entries.
(d) There will be one winning work in a category that accepts entries. Winning works will be announced at the award ceremony itself.

(e) BASCA reserves the right not to make an award in any category.
(e) The nominations for each category will always be listed in alphabetical order by work title. Where a nominated work has more than one composer, names will be listed in alphabetical order of surname.
(f) Nominated composers will be informed on a confidential basis, in writing, by the middle of October 2018.
(g) Nominations will be announced to the press and general public six weeks before the award ceremony.
(h) Each nominated composer will receive a ticket for themselves and a guest to attend the award ceremony, courtesy of BASCA.
(i) The winners’ press release and list is the definitive source of award winners’ information.
(j) The British Composer Award remains the property of the British Academy of Songwriters, Composers and Authors, to remain in the care of the recipient or their descendants. Should the award leave the care of the recipient or their descendants, BASCA reserves the right to purchase the statuette back for a fee of £1. The award must not be sold on to any third party.
(k) The award ceremony will incorporate an audio-visual presentation of nominated works, and nominees or their representative's cooperation in supplying the necessary audio, video and still publicity photographs will be required.

(a) The British Composer Awards name and logo are trademarks belonging to BASCA. Persons wishing to reproduce or use these marks, must secure the written consent of BASCA prior to such use.
(b) A British Composer Award may not be reproduced or used in any commercial manner unless prior permission has been obtained from BASCA.
(c) The final decision regarding all aspects of the British Composer Awards, including the interpretation of these rules, resides with the Board of BASCA.

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