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Works for nine or more instruments or voices that contain interactive improvisation as an essential element.

(a) This category is judged anonymously. As such entrants must remove any reference to the composer’s identity, including gender pronouns and references to previous compositions. Please use the anonymity checklist to ensure submitted materials comply.
(b) To be eligible for this category works must contain improvisation as an essential element.
(c) An anonymised PDF score, lead sheet or relevant notation must be submitted.
(d) An anonymised audio recording of the entire work must be submitted. Recordings must be uploaded in MP3 (192Kbps or above) format only.
(e) Composer biography, programme note and resume of the work’s exposure should be submitted. Please note this information is not revealed to the judges so does not need to be anonymised but will be used for adjudication and in the case the work is nominated.

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